Decatrim is described as an Advanced Weight Loss Supplement which claims to be a fat burner by increasing metabolism and energy to enable you to burn more calories.

It also claims to enable a person lose 10 pounds in 10 only days. No clinical data was supplied as proof of this, however.

TestoGen contains a combination of 10 different ingredients, variants of which they have patented and renamed. So what are the ingredients behind the catchy names:
Evodiamine – trademarked as ThermoDiamine. A chemical extracted from Evodia Fruits.
Green Tea – Is a well-known provider of antioxidants.
Raspberry ketone – trademarked as Razberi-K – An aromatic compound found in red raspberries.
Wakame Seaweed – trademarked as FucoPure. – An edible Japanese seaweed that is known for its health properties such as cleansing the blood.
Guggulsterone extract – trademarked as GuggulEZ100. An extract from a herb.
Black pepper extract – trademarked as Bioperine.
Synephrine Hcl from Bitter Orange – Is said to burn fat through increasing metabolism and energy.
DHEA – a hormone made within the human body. It is known to be used to induce labor and treat adrenal insufficiency.
Capsaicin – generally used as a pain reliever.
Forskolin – trademarked as Forslean – has been studied in building lean body mass and therefore encouraged for use by those in bodybuilding.