This product contains several ingredients that are individually known to have health benefits. Research on each ingredient is available on their website. However, the combination of these items has not been fully studied and no clinical data on the effectiveness of these combinations has been provided.
Testosterone Booster manufacturer offers a money back guarantee for any reason. This in general is a signal that a seller can be trusted. However, it will not be accepted within thirty days of purchase.
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The following are certain disadvantages of the product that we noticed while reviewing:

Information regarding the quantity of each item in the product has not been given. There is no way of knowing that sufficient amounts of each have been included to support the claim.
No data has been given to substantiate the claim that a person can lose 10 pounds in 10 only days. In fact, the website will only issue a refund after thirty days. Also, reviews do not state the timeframe within with results were achieved.
Hardly any information is given about the manufacturer of Decatrim. They are not named nor is the company or manufacturer’s address provided.
One of the ingredients of Decatrim, Synephrine Hcl, has been criticized by health officials due to some of the associated risks when combined with the ingredients of some weight loss and nutritional products.
Decatrim retails for over 99 dollars a bottle. This is more costly than other more effective substitutes.

Decatrim cannot be recommended because overall the lack of disclosure about the company, how the product works and the product claims leads us to be skeptical it. This also does not lead us to conclude that it is worth the price that is charged for it.