Meratol is another weight loss supplement, which claims to do a number of things apart from reducing your weight like curing acne, toning muscles, etc.
It has been clearly stated on the official website that Meratol will help in burning 400% more fat.
It has been further proclaimed by the manufacturer that one can lose belly fat and acne together in just within 7 days.

Meratol makes such high claims on the basis of its ingredients that are explained below:-

Green tea- It increases your body metabolism.
Fibre- It helps in reducing weight. Fibres absorb the excessive calories and reduce the body weight.
Resveratrol- It is a drug which helps in anti – aging.
Spinach- It is a natural weight loss food. It is loaded with benefits like it gives you instant energy; it helps you fight with cancer and many other diseases.
Broccoli- It is considered to be one of the best weight loss vegetables.

Other ingredients of Meratol are Garlic Allicin powder, Safflower Oil by Tonalin, Spinach, etc. The ingredients; however, are not particularly focusing on weight loss; instead they are focusing on other things like energy level, anti aging, etc.

The benefits or pros of Meratol are mentioned below:-

It can be purchased online from the official website of this product
It is easily available in the market and therefore, you can purchase it from almost any drug store.
Its ingredients include 10 super foods.
Meratol provides a lifetime money-back guarantee.

Testosterone booster has the following shortcomings which has been detected after a careful review:-

Caffeine is present in it as one of its ingredients, and we know that it is harmful as it makes people addictive and also gives rise to certain issues.
It is not recommended by any dermatologist regarding its claims of curing acne.
No proper information about the manufacturer is available on the website which raises questions on its authenticity.
None of its ingredients is a powerful fat burner or appetite suppressor
It has also been mentioned by customers on other sites that they have faced poor customer support!

Though Meratol has some nice ingredients like Green tea, dietary fibre, etc., but all of these are not as effective in losing weight as the product claims. And thus we will definitely not ask you to go for this product as it is not worth the investment.